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Dear friends of Lebanon,

The “Kelna Ayleh” initiative was launched in December 2019, amid the economic and financial crisis that hit Lebanon, providing food and basic supplies to families in need. The effort of the NGO doubled during the spread of COVID-19 in Lebanon, providing more support to families in lockdown and people who lost their jobs. Today, the initiative is on the ground, providing support – food and basic needs – to directly and indirectly affected families in Beirut and the surrounding areas.

On August 4th, 2020 the catastrophic explosion hit our beloved country Lebanon, gravely damaging Beirut and the areas surrounding it, and leading to hundreds of casualties and injuries, leaving more than 300,000 people homeless and many others losing their means of livelihoods and their homes.

With destruction affecting silos in the port, as well as supply warehouses of medicine, food and other needs, adding to it the banks withholding the money of Lebanese people due to the economic and financial crisis that is hitting the country for almost a year now, in the absence of a responsible government, we count on your support to restore faith in humanity to those affected.

Accordingly, we, a group of local NGOs, specialized in humanitarian, health and development support have joined forces in order to do our part and help our fellow citizens in the following aspects:
1) Distribute mattresses, blankets, clothing, medicine and food.
2) Allocate craftsmen and foremen, led by engineers, to help in the rehabilitation of houses and buildings, in the different areas damaged.

In order to positively impact the biggest number of people, we highly appreciate your contribution to make the above-mentioned lines of activities happen. Donations are welcomed at:

For more info please call 0096178966733

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